Another VMware problem

Forgot about this when writing the previous post..

I had an error like this when trying to start VMware Workstation in a Linux host:
*** attempt to put segment in horiz list twice
/opt/vmware/workstation/lib/bin/vmware: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_return_if_fail_warning

The workaround is to export an environment variable before running vmware:

The GTK libraries in my system is binary incompatible with the ones used by the VMware team, so VMware must use the library files shipped with it instead of those in my system. Similar compatibility problems are not rare when it comes to a closed-source application that is dynamically linked against an open-source library...

[1] HOWTO: Install vmware workstation 6.0.3 build 80004 (March 14) on Sabayon x86-3.5 Loop2-r2
[2] VMWARE_USE_SHIPPED_GTK=force vmware

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